How a Wrestling Match Is Scored


The objective in a wrestling match is to beat your opponent. If a pin occurs, the match is over and whoever scored the pin wins. But if neither wrestler scores a pin, the score at the end of three two-minute periods determines the winner. You earn points for the different moves you successfully execute during a match, and your opponent earns points for any infractions you commit:

Pin or fall: Victory; end of match

Takedown: 2 points

Escape: 1 point

Reversal: 2 points

Near fall: 2 points for two seconds; 3 points for five seconds or more

Your opponent can also score points if you do the wrong thing.

Illegal hold: 1 point for your opponent

Unsportsmanlike conduct: 1 point for your opponent

Unnecessary roughness: 1 point for your opponent

Stalling: 1 point for your opponent after you receive one warning; disqualification on the fifth stalling violation

HEADER IMAGE BY: Don Voaklander


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