Wrestling is making a comeback so we thought we’d chat with Owen Williams the Vice President of the Melbourne Wranglers about this hard hitting sport.

Who are the Melbourne Wranglers? 

The Melbourne Wranglers Wrestling Club is a DGS/ not-for-profit community sporting club. Our club trains in Freestyle wrestling (a style that allows moves above and below the waist), and incorporates moves from Roman-Greco wrestling (a style that allows moves above the waist only).




How did you become interested in wrestling? 

The Sydney Silverbacks Wrestling Club (Based in Sydney) held a beginners workshop here in Melbourne back in May. I went along as part of Team Melbourne knowing nothing about the sport or what I was getting myself into. However I really enjoyed myself and tagged along to a number of training sessions with the Silverbacks in Sydney and have been hooked ever since. The Silverbacks held a second workshop here in August where we had enough people turn up to make forming a local club a reality.

What is the best thing about wrestling? 

The training that is required for wrestling is very intense to say the least. In a six minute match, you can feel entirely wiped out. In the heat of a tough match, your lungs can burn, your legs and back can be worn out, and your arms can start to feel like jelly. It’s a total rush that can be quite addictive.




What’s the worst? 

I am still new to the sport and so far there has been nothing to turn me away.

Is it a dangerous sport? 

Like most contact sports there in an element of danger but it is nothing that you cannot prepare for. To be successful in wrestling, you have to develop discipline. Listen to your coach and make sure your grips and takedowns are accurate and you will avoid any damage to yourself and your opponent.

How can people get involved? 

Head to melbournewranglers.com and subscribe to our mailing list, as we lock down permanent times for training and future workshops we will be able to let you know. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our next training session is Saturday the 10th of October at 1pm. Checkout our Facebook page for full details.

Article Source: Gay News Network
Images by: Dean Arcuri

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